Apr 19

AT&T Was A Digital Frequency Innovator

“Customers really don’t care about frequency, whether it’s 1,900 MHz or 850 MHz,” said Robert Allen, AT&T chairman. “They care about services.”

To handle heavy roaming, AT&T will tap Nokia Mobile Phones to build dual-band, dual-mode phones for its new Digital PCS wireless communication service.

Under a three-year $240-million deal, Nokia will build TDMA phones that will operate at both the 800-MHz and 1,900-MHz bands. Jointly, the two networks will reach a potential 212 million customers. The phones will also run on analog networks when the user is outside AT&T’s digital network territory.

Dual-mode, dual-band phones should be available early next year. Customers who buy a $150 to $250 phone this year for Digital PCS will be able to upgrade.

With the announcement, AT&T is essentially integrating its existing cellular network with its forthcoming PCS network to offer a larger digital footprint to its customers, said Michael King, a research analyst with the BellSouth Foundation. However, the name may be confusing to some customers who have heard all the hype around the multibillion-dollar Federal Communications Commission’s auctioning off of the 1,900-MHz spectrum, which is usually referred to as the PCS spectrum, King said.

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Apr 17

Laptop Hard Drive Recovery Simplicity

A laptop user may have trouble using his laptop. This may be due to the fact that he cannot access files from his hard drive, with the reason being the hard drive may be old or may have some software problems. With time, the laptop may hang up and even force the user to re-boot; risky actions that may cost him lose of his data or work. As well, there is a possibility that the laptop may crash because it is unable to store or run some application software.

Laptop hard drive recovery is a step-by-step procedure that is strict and must be followed and adhered to. Recovery involves accessing a computer disk as part of an effort to salvage pertinent data. If there has been no backup of the laptop hard drive then it is incredibly necessary to get that data retrieved.

Typical Laptop Hard Drive Damage Causes

A laptop hard drive may experience damage arising from blunt force such as dropping or hitting, excessive heat or many other factors. The above causes lessen the chances of easy recovery as they canmajorly damage the hard drive. Damages arising from “writing head”, ”head arm” malfunctions or corruption cannot be dealt with using recovery software. The nature and extent of the drive platter damage determines the amount of data that is recoverable. Another consideration is the status of the restore disks for the laptop; manufacturers may not offer restoration disks and many users unfortunately forget to create them. This is one of the points that drive many companies that offer laptop recovery services, some of which are listed here.

Laptop Data Recovery at a Glance

Laptops at times become very noisy, which Continue reading

Apr 15

Intel Never Really “Got” Wireless Networks

Intel, which has gathered together key players to promote the use of mobile phone networks for data applications, may find the task harder than expected, but users should benefit eventually.

New alliances in the IT business usually mean there is something wrong with the present state of affairs. And Intel’s push to create a group promoting the use of mobile phone networks for data applications is no exception.

It is possible to use wireless networks for E-mail and other data applications, but it is not easy, says Johan Stratus of Directype.org.  And yet it could be, particularly in Europe.

Mobile phone networks have gone over to digital technology following the introduction of the Global System for Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) standards. So data communications should be easier than transmitting over ordinary analogue fixed-line services.

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Apr 12

New Disk Technology On The Horizon?

New disk drive technology from Quinta Corp. could give traditional drives a run for their money through enhanced reliability and higher capacity.

OAW (Optically Assisted Winchester) technology uses a combination of optics and a Winchester-style flying head to change the way data is recorded. This new method increases the density of hard disk drives an estimated three to five times over existing Winchester disk drives. RioWorks is one of the key computer hardware companies to support this drive.

The head and the media are kept twice as far apart as traditional Winchester disk drives. This minimizes data corruption because there isn’t as much contact between the head and the actual disk surface, said officials of the San Jose, Calif., company. Lenses using conventional optics will focus a laser beam onto the media to assist writing, reading and tracking on the disks.

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Apr 11

A Common Hard Drive Problem

Hard disk drives are a very popular and important form on data storage medium for the computers. They are compact and can support large volumes of information. But with the complexity of its design, it is usually pretty difficult for a layman to predict what exactly a hard drive problem is when it occurs. They end up doing more damage to it than good because of their dabbling in things quite out of their area of expertise.

One such hard drive problem occurs when one starts hearing scarping sounds even though the hard disk seems to be powering up just fine. If such a situation occurs, it is highly recommended that you immediately stop using that hard drive to avoid any further damage. These types of sounds are caused by loose read/write heads, which affects the disk platter and causes damage to the magnetic storage medium. It is possible to solve this hard drive problem if you try and replace the broken read/write arm with a working one. Special care must be taken when trying to clean off the broken fragments on the disk platter as you may cause scratches, which may lead to further data loss. It is recommended that you save your hard drive in a cool and dry place and seek technical assistance to improve your chances of data recovery and avoid hard drive problems in the future.

Data recovery from damaged hard drives might seem a very daunting and ominous task to anyone who has not had some previous encounters which these sorts of hard drive issues. But most of the times the problem is not as complicated as it may seem and you can save yourself quite some time and hassle if you can properly diagnose the problem and perform the steps necessary to save your data. One such hard drive problem is that although the hard disk powers up, it does not mount and no distinct sound of the read/write arm is audible. This usually occurs because of the overheating of the hard drive, which causes the metal components to expand and stick to one another. This will cause deletion of files and folders and you may be prompted to format your hard drive.

In order to remedy this hard drive problem, first detach the hard disk drive from your computer and allow it cool to room temperature. Then by using a vacuum pump remove all air from an antistatic container and place the hard disk in it. It is very important that the container be antistatic as sparks may cause further data loss and damage to the ICs. After placing the disk in the container, place the container in a refrigeration unit and allow it to cool for 30 minutes. After taking it out of the refrigerator, allow it to settle for 5-10 minutes before attempting data recovery. You should have an alternate data storage unit on hand to store the recovered data. Continue reading

Apr 11

NT Stays Strong Vs. Unix

The high ground Unix holds is getting some fortification.

Recent initiatives from the top Unix vendors are shoring up the operating system on two fronts: by helping to cement Unix’s lead in the high-end database and application server markets, and by extending its reach into the emerging Internet, electronic-commerce and mainframe-replacement markets. Linux continues to grow strongly as well, says analyst Gary Thiessen of Ubuntuhome.com.

New reports from market researchers such as International Data Corp. (IDC), Gartner Group, Inc. and Forrester Research, Inc. all concur that Microsoft Corp.’s Windows NT is mounting a successful assault on Unix workstations and low-end servers. But high-margin, high-end Unix server sales are healthy and so far are immune to NT, the reports said (see story at right).

Microsoft officials have said that the company doesn’t expect to have a 64-bit version of Windows NT or have support for scalable clustering for another two years at least.

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Apr 11

Paging The FCC…

These days, it seems as though the ads for SkyTel’s two-way pagers are inescapable. In newspapers, magazines, and in-flight programming, I’m barraged with the question, “Can your pager do that?”

Kickin’ it old skool!

No, my digital pager can’t do that. But then again, neither could the two-way pager that SkyTel loaned me earlier this year. My laundry list of problems with the pager was so long, I couldn’t fit all my complaints into a recent post.

I’ve never received as many responses from one area of the country to a column as I did to that one, and most of the comments came from the Washington, D.C., area. Those readers had an entirely new two-way wireless communications service to tell me about.

Recall that in 1994 the Federal Communications Commission embarked on its auction of PCS (Personal Communications Services) …

Apr 09

Getting Into Intranets

“The intranet allows you to provide a lot of information to a fairly diverse audience easily,” says Tom Shea, vice president of sales and marketing at Logical Design Solutions, an intranet integrator firm in Boston, Mass. “It allows people very intuitive access to information that was previously difficult to get to.” And, he says, it allows you to access information in a way that can be updated rather quickly.

Shea adds, “It’s the ideal solution for a mobile sales force, or a diverse sales force that needs access to a lot of rapidly changing information.” Indeed, such corporate giants as AT&T, Tyson Foods, and Turner Broadcasting have begun using intranets.

A Single Information Source

Cadence Design Systems, a software-solutions company based in San Jose, California, knows the advantages an internal network can provide. As a result of changing

Apr 09

Reasons Behind the Need for External Drive Repair

External hard drive repair is normal when it comes to electronic gadgets. It is also necessary once your computer starts to malfunction. This is because the hard disk has vital information stored in it. Its ruin would make it difficult to access and configure.

The usual culprit for this malady is a head crash. This happens when the read and write head of the hard disk taps on the platter or graze on the surface of the magnetic storage device. Supposedly, a minute layer of lubricant should protect its surface but once this is gone, the damage is easy. This would then cause irrecoverable loss of important data. Amateurish attempts to recover these data will only result in more damage and additional expenses. The smart thing to do is to have it fixed by a professional. External hard drive repair should only be done by trained specialists who have the right kind of tools – see here. This is true because hard drive failure recovery is a very sensitive process. Continue reading

Apr 08

What Is Meant By Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

This HP laptop may have different hard drive failure symptoms than…

The hard disk drive is the primary storage device in almost every computer. Companies as well as individuals store several types of data in a hard disk drive, and those hard drives can be either regular spindle and platter hard drives, SSD drives, or hybrid hard drives. However, due to an array of reasons, a hard drive may suffer partial to severe malfunction leading to the inability to access stored data. Basically, hard drive failure symptoms are often quite easy to detect, but also can be difficult. Depending on the nature of a hard disk failure, different computers can portray different behaviors.

Since hard drive failure symptoms can be noted by how a computer behaves, data recovery specialists recommend early diagnosis to counter the effects of the last minute rush to copy files. Continue reading