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unless you live under a rock, you probably understand just how important messaging and communication tools are to the way we all do business. And I’m not only just talking about business, but only if we function in society at this point. Not only are mobile phones absolutely necessary to almost everyone, but they have also changed the way that we go about our days. Without the invention of the smart phone, I think things will be a lot slower than they are right now. That is not to say that we aren’t subject to things like information overload and other pitfalls that come with the idea of always being connected, but I still feel like it is very critical that we take the time out to talk about these things.

I am going to try to make this blog is messaging centric as I can because I feel with new things like twitter coming on board, instant messaging is starting to get a bad rap as an old technology. It may have origins that are not exactly new, but at the same time I still feel it is very valuable to most people. In essence, something like Skype is very much like this: it just happens to be a video telephone application.

I look forward to contributing to this blog and certainly if you would like to get in contact with me, I would hope that you would do so. I am always available to readers, and will do my best to make this the best communication blog on the web.


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