May 29

Communication Perks And Panics

Communication has become a maddening thing over the past 10 years. Telephones, cable, VOIP – it all costs money, and it adds up.

How did we get in such a state? It’s easier than it looks, Start with the mailbox and residential phone line, then add business and fax/data lines, as well as an e-mail address, for a home office. That’s five channels. Add a car phone for each worker and then pagers (to cut down on skyrocketing car-phone bills) and you’re up to nine. Include a phone extension, fax line, and two e-mail addresses (one internal, one external) for my office and you’ve achieved a 13-channel mini-communications network without breaking a sweat.

Longing for the old days…

The five electronic gizmos were even easier to accumulate: a computer for each office, one for the house, and a PDA–which takes