Apr 11

NT Stays Strong Vs. Unix

The high ground Unix holds is getting some fortification.

Recent initiatives from the top Unix vendors are shoring up the operating system on two fronts: by helping to cement Unix’s lead in the high-end database and application server markets, and by extending its reach into the emerging Internet, electronic-commerce and mainframe-replacement markets. Linux continues to grow strongly as well, says analyst Gary Thiessen of Ubuntuhome.com.

New reports from market researchers such as International Data Corp. (IDC), Gartner Group, Inc. and Forrester Research, Inc. all concur that Microsoft Corp.’s Windows NT is mounting a successful assault on Unix workstations and low-end servers. But high-margin, high-end Unix server sales are healthy and so far are immune to NT, the reports said (see story at right).

Microsoft officials have said that the company doesn’t expect to have a 64-bit version of Windows NT or have support for scalable clustering for another two years at least.

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