Apr 11

Paging The FCC…

These days, it seems as though the ads for SkyTel’s two-way pagers are inescapable. In newspapers, magazines, and in-flight programming, I’m barraged with the question, “Can your pager do that?”

Kickin’ it old skool!

No, my digital pager can’t do that. But then again, neither could the two-way pager that SkyTel loaned me earlier this year. My laundry list of problems with the pager was so long, I couldn’t fit all my complaints into a recent post.

I’ve never received as many responses from one area of the country to a column as I did to that one, and most of the comments came from the Washington, D.C., area. Those readers had an entirely new two-way wireless communications service to tell me about.

Recall that in 1994 the Federal Communications Commission embarked on its auction of PCS (Personal Communications Services) …